Thursday, November 06, 2008

3 Tips for Your Final Push towards an 'A' in Econs!!

  1. Time management! Don't spend an excessive amount of time on any single question (whether it is essay or case study). Allocate your time according to the mark weightage (Essay - 10m (16mins) & 15m (24mins); Case Study - about 2 mins per mark). REMEMBER: THE MORE MARKS, OBVIOUSLY THE MORE TIME YOU NEED (likely to be a question expecting a higher level of response, e.g. evaluation-type question - in a case study, the last qn is usually an 8 to 10m qn - give yourself enough time to plan out a proper answer!)

  2. Answer the Question! Answer the question that is ASKED, not what you IMAGINE the question to be asking. The WORST answers are those that reveal that you are merely trying to FORCE-FIT a pre-prepared answer to the question! You need to spend at least 2 minutes of your time examining the question carefully, both for the content needed (i.e. topic coverage, context (industry, economy, time frame (last 5 years, recent), scope) and the skills tested (i.e. Application, Analysis or Evaluation - look at command word!). Then plan an answer (at least another 3 minutes) that is able to ADDRESS THE QUESTION! Answer the question DIRECTLY and CLEARLY - REMEMBER: DO NOT MAKE YOUR EXAMINER SEARCH FOR YOUR ANSWER!

  3. Impress the Examiner!!
    • Display the skills of Application, Analysis and Evaluation as required!
      • Application - e.g. not just showing you have knowledge about Singapore ("Singapore is an export-oriented, imported dependent country"..) but actually applying to Singapore ("Since Singapore is an export-oriented, imported dependent country, a change in ER will have a significant impact on the economy....") - SEE THE DIFFERENCE??
      • Analysis - Accuracy, Detail .... Make reference to well-drawn diagrams to support your explanation!
      • Evaluation - Show that you have given thought to the answer!! Consider limitations, assumptions, the circumstances or situations considered, time frame, etc!! SUPPORT your evaluation with GOOD ANALYSIS!
    • Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that gives the reader an idea of what the paragraph is going to be about.
      • The supporting sentences need to be about the idea presented in the topic sentence. Do not digress or ramble. Write sufficiently but do not ramble.
*********ALL THE BEST, EVERYONE!! :)**********


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