Thursday, April 03, 2008

Upcoming Econs Assessments

Do note the following:
  • T2 Wk 6: Lecture Test (Case Study - 25 marks) - Macroeconomic variables to assess health of an economy (NY growth, SOL, EG, CPI, Unemployment, BOP & Income distribution); Govt Macroeconomic Objectives (especially conflicts between objectives - Topic 7); Macroeconomic Problems - Causes & Consequences (Price Instability, Unsustained Economic Growth, Unemployment (Topics 3 to 5). Do note that a good grasp of concepts & analysis in Topic 2 (Keynesian Model of Income Determination, AD/AS framework) is also expected.
  • T2 Wk 9: Mid-year Exams (Choose 2 essays out of 3 - Total 50 marks; 1 Case Study - Total 30 marks) - All topics from Year 2 (up to Supply-side Policy), i.e. Topic 1 to 10
To prepare:
  • Form a study group to analyse and discuss essay and case study questions. A study group also allows you to check that you are focusing on the right areas in your revision.
  • Seek help from tutors (e.g. me) if you need to clarify any concepts or need help in writing your essays or working on case studies. You can also seek help in going through your individual scripts for the earlier tests to seek out areas for improvement.
  • Ensure you are thoroughly familiar with the key concepts and analysis in your lecture notes (practice analysing diagrams and recalling definitions of key concepts, e.g. demand pull inflation- causes and consequences)
  • Go through your tutorials and download all suggested answers from Litespeed, examining carefully how a certain answer fulfills the question requirements in terms of content (i.e. the various content areas covered in a particular topic/s) and skills (showing higher order skills such as application, analysis and evaluation).
  • Read through news articles posted on Litespeed or on this blog for relevant examples you can include in your essays.
  • Work on all the supplementary practice questions given to you for the individual topics


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am a student from 07a02.
mrs chua told my class BOP is not tested? can you verify again?

8:49 PM  
Blogger Hwee Ling said...

Yes, Topic 6: BOP is not tested. However, do note that knowledge of impact of inflation on a country's BOP is still expected.

6:50 PM  
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