Friday, April 11, 2008


1. H2 Economics Mid-Year Examinations
  • Date: 15th May 2008 (Thursday)
  • Duration: 2 hr 40 mins (1 Case Study + 2 Essays - More details at previous post)
  • Time: 4.30 - 7.10pm
  • Venue:
  • - LT1: Lecture Group A (07A01, 07A02, 07L01, 07L02, 07S28, 07S29, 07S30, , 07S32, 07S33, 07S34);
  • - LT2: Lecture Group B (07S01, 07S02, 07S09, 07S10, 07S11, 07S26, 07S27,07S35, 07S36)
2. Term 2 Consultation Slots Are Available for Booking!
  • Timetable is in my pigeonhole for Term 2 Weeks 5 to 10 - Pls book 1 hour slots.
  • Bring necessary materials (Lecture Notes, Tutorials, Test Scripts, etc etc) as well as any questions you need to clarify.
  • If you need advice on certain sections of the exam (e.g. case study, essay skills), or on the overall revision for the subject, do highlight it to me.
3. Ten-Year Series (1997 - 2007)
  • The stock of TYS has arrived at Knowledge Box. It includes Paper 1-2 from 1997 to 2007. Cost is $2.80. It is compulsory for ALL J2 students to have one. Some of you who have previous years' copies can choose not to buy but to photocopy the additional years.
  • Econs reps please take orders using the class list and collect the money. You can pass the orders to Jolene of Knowledge Box directly and collect the TYS immediately.


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